Problem with Check for Updates

New Comodo firewall user here.

When I try the More/Check for Updates function. the updater reports “Error 0x80072efd”. The firewall is mostly working for me otherwise.

which version do you use?
new version is v5…1142

Using 5.0.163652.1142

its a while ago since i had an error like that the last time.
i think i waited.
comodo isnt updated often anyway, because its mostly good enough for long :smiley:

when a new version comes out (or in the near future), try again. if its not working, safe your settings, and make a fresh install. import the settings, done.

i spoke about the firewall updater… not about antivirus…

I have further information about the problem:

In the More/Preferences page, there is an “update” tab wherein you set the URL to be consulted regarding firewall updates. It defaults to

If I plug into my browser directly, I get a 404 error, so the default URL is incorrect.

I tried changing to and the error message changed to “The system cannot find the file specified”. So at least it tried to connect to Comodo and download something.

The fix here is getting the proper URL to consult for updates. I tried a few variations hit or miss, but couldn’t come up with the correct one.

i tried to update the firewall, it works for me (i mean, program up to date message came). and i even had unmarked that url in comodo window.

when i typed the url in my browser, i got an 404 too.
so thats not related to the problem.

I tried updating the firewall and I got “class not registered” ???

So I was trying to find out what that meant …
Anybody know?

This spontaneously started working for me. Perhaps the problem was some unavailability of the Comodo update server.

I still have the same problem
“Class Not Registered”

Is there something else I’m supposed to do?

I am also unable to update my PC, but my laptop updated no problems.

Is there a file I can transfer from my laptop to my PC to get the PC updated?

bases.cav in the Scanners folder Program Files \ Comodo \ Comodo Internet Security

Two ways to replace the current bases.cav in the scanners folder, rename bases.cav to oldbases.cav then copy the one from the updated computer into that folder then reboot.

Or Safe Mode (F8) overwrite bases.cav with the copy.