Problem with CFP - KAV and CFP3 with USB Flash Disk

Info: Windows XP SP2, P4 2.6, 1GB RAM. Kaspersky Anti-Virus + Comodo Firewall Pro

I have noticed that there is a problem between Kaspersky Anti Virus and CFP v3. When I insert my USB Storage Pen, Kaspersky scans it automatically, however, an alert is displayed from CFP v3 saying that kav.exe is trying to modify the file etc… I press Allow and Remember the alert request, and the same message pops up again. I do it hundreds of times, and it doesn’t go away, and on top of all, it slows down my computer. The end result, I turn off Comodo Defense+ and everything works just fine. This problem only occurs when the USB flash disk is inserted. I do not know the core of the problem and I would be grateful if this bug would be fixed.

Only suggestion I have – and you may have already tried this – is to register KAV as a trusted application (try trusting the entire KAV program folder). I don’t use any kind of USB storage, so I can’t offer help specific to that. Try also trusting the software you may have installed that is needed to support the USB disk.

I am running KAV 7.0, and CFP 3.0 works beautifully with it. But I have other issues, such as the “100% CPU” usage and MSI Installer bugs.

KAV and CFP always give minor or major issues when they are combined!

Why do you think KAV warn the users during it’s installation if finds CFP already installed?

If you use KAV deactivate Defense+ in Comodo.

Hmm, well, you may have hit upon something. The order of installation may make a big difference in whether conflicts develop between the two applications.

KAV 7.0 was already installed on my system when I first tried CFP, and then migrated to V3.0.13.266/268. I installed both versions of CFP with KAV disabled, of course, but my experience could quite easily have been very different had I installed KAV after CFP.

Whether you should arbitrarily disable Defense+ with KAV installed is debatable. Doing so could depend on the sequence in which KAV and CFP were installed.

No, the problem is that they conflict in the driver level. It does not matter if you install KAV first and CFP second or viceversa.

I have tested it in 6 different pcs, and I have seen various conflicts, from minor ones like problem with email clients or browsers to major conflicts like destorying the interface of the windows, or to tottally block the pcs.

I have verified that they conflict with so many users(60-70 different topics/threads with different members) that I decided to write it on my signature! ;D

Since you guys have mentioned this… Is Comodo team aware of this and working to fix this gap? I believe this is a very critical issue for CFP v3.

Pandlouk, I’m glad you’ve been investigating this conflict on behalf of so many other users.

I have always cringed (procrastinated, actually) when it comes time to upgrade firewalls and anti-virus applications because they historically tend not to co-exist peacefully. And I have always preferred discrete products – rather than integrated suites – because I desire greater control over my software.

In my case, I guess I should consider myself fortunate as I am running CFP 3.0 on a 500 MHz desktop purchased in 1999 that is running Windows XP SP2 and on a IBM ThinkPad T43 purchased in 2005 running the same OS.

Have you been able to isolate and identify the specific drivers that appear to be causing the conflicts between KAV and CFP? You’ve piqued my curiosity…

Incidentally, thank you for helping me resolve an issue with Yahoo! LaunchCast Plus radio. I was unable to play the radio streams in the service’s mini-browser until I noticed your mention of disabling “Scan HTTP traffic” in KAV. Unchecking the box fixed the problem. Thanks!

Yes, they are since version 2. And from their part had already listen to our requests and separeted Comodo Hips from firewall. (You can choose not only to disable it but deactivate it too; uninstalls its hips driver).

You and other Kaspersky users should contact Kaspersky and ask to make it more versatile. They should separte Kaspersky hips driver and Kaspesky net-traffic monitor driver from the antivirus and give you the ability to deactivate/uninstall them just like in comodo.

It is not a comodo or a kaspersky specific problem. A good product should give you the maximum configurability over it’s settings. Comodo developers have done their part. Now it is time that Kaspesky team listen to their customers and do their part.


As you could verify you were infected by minor conflicts, but you did not know it. :wink:

The conflicts are specific to the soft drivers of HIPS and Network trafic of the 2 applications. They are not related to specific hardware. As long kaspersky does not follow Comodo’s example and give their customers the opportunity to fully configure their product (by totally deactivating/uninstalling the conflicting drivers) there will always be issues with other security products.

I invite you to contact Kaspersky.