Problem with CF


I use last w10 64b and latest CF. Sorry for my EN. I have some problem with CF last few weeks. For example when I run some .exe in CF sandbox Comodo FW disappears from running files and cannot be launched again. I have to restart PC. I reinstalled it but it does not helped. But it wasn’t a big deal for me because I sis not run some .exe too frequently.

But I found another problem yesterday. I had some problem with network adapters like VPN, HYPER-V etc. So I tried to uninstall CF, I chose uninstallation with the possibility of subsequent installation (or something like that, it is hardto say for me in EN). If I tell it briefly - I did not uninstall CF completely because I want to install it again. But after restart my PC was my network connection gone. There was no IP configuration. I had a lot of problems and nothing helped me.

I did:
network reset in Win 10, uninstall network driver, update network driver, reset network adapter, I tried few command in command prompt, reset winsock etc. etc. But nothing helped. Windows did not see network adapter correctly.

So I tried to use comodo uninstaller, it does not help too.

At the end I tried to use windows system recovery and I returned it back one day. It solved my problem with network adapters and connections. I can connect to the internet but the CF is away.

There is one error > please had a look on screenshot. Comodo does not load.

So my question is. What should I do now? Can I reinstall CF? I am afraid I lost my network configuration again when I install or reinstall CF again.

I hope you understand me. Sorry for my English again.

I would suggest to do the following:

Take the windows system recovery as a starting point (as you already have done that) as it did solve your problems with network adapters and connections.

Next, uninstall CIS (if it is still installed after the windows system recovery) if possible using the normal way by using the Add/Remove or Uninstall section of Windows.
After that use the “Official Comodo Uninstaller v3.0.0.41” to remove any CIS leftovers on your system.

“Official Comodo Uninstaller v3.0.0.41” can be found here:

As the last step, after having completely removed CIS from your system, install CIS again using the offline installer which you can find here:

and see if you can CIS install again correctly and get it back to work again.

Hope it works for you.

Thank you for your advice. Yes, CF is still installed in ADD/REMOVE programmes (or I do not know how to translate it to EN). But it does not load.

I would like to ask you. I do not want CIS, I want just CF. There is no offline installer for CF. Should I use online installer for CF?

Thank you.

When you run the offline installer you can choose to install only Firewall by going to Components section and tick Firewall and untick Antivirus.

I have used the offline installer too and I installed also only Firewall.

See also here: CIS Premium – Installation, Best Internet Security, Comodo Internet Security Setup

Yes, I know about it but when I install CIS (and then chose only CF), Windows Security Center shows I install AV too. I will try it.

On my system, which is Windows 7 64-bit, I installed Antivirus from another brand first and after that I installed CIS (Firewall only) and for me everything works perfectly.

I would say give it a try, it should work for you too. :slight_smile:

So I tried uninstall Comodo Firewall but it does not work. So I do not know what can I do now because I do not want destroy my network connection.

Did you try to run the comodo uninstall tool multiple times with rebooting in between to try to remove CIS completely?

If you Search the Forum with that Error Message, you will find several threads and relevant actions to take, which may help

Thank you for the advices but I decided to restore PC from image… But Aomei Backupper does not work so my PC is broken now completely (after restore from image PC does not boot). I wrote to Aomei support and I still have no solution. I paid for this ■■■■…