problem with CAVS using COMODO Anti Spam 2005

I have tried using COMODO Anti spam with CAVS installed and Microsoft Outlook (Office 2003) as my e-mail client (POP3). I have had no success with getting the CAVS e-mail scanning functionality to work. In desperation I have uninstalled COMODO Anti Spam and reinstalled my previous Spam detection software (Mailwasher Pro) and CAVS email scaniing works fine!!!

Can anyone please help with unravelling the apparent problem I have experienced with COMODO Anti Spam? Maybe I am doing something wrong in the setup. Has anyone successfully achieved running the products together using Outlook.

I tried Comodo AntiSpam a while back. Unfortunately I couldn’t use it, as it did not support authentication (ie, username & password) to access pop3 account, unless it was over SSL. My pop servers didn’t support SSL, but did require authentication.

However, as I was in the process of figuring all this out, I did notice that it ran into some problems with CAVS email scanning. I figured it was because there were basically two proxies competing for the email at that point. Bound to be trouble! ;D When I reported my difficulties, I focused on the authentication issue, as that was my main problem; I do not remember details of the other conflict.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.


Thanks for the info. I will just continue with Mailwasher anti spam program as it does a good job and works well. Having discovered the COMODO free desktop products I was interested in trying Anti Spam as I am running the Firewall, Antivrus and BO Clean software and like it.