Problem with BOINC Scientific data processing

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I do not speak English, sorry for any errors.
I use my computer, among other things, to process scientific data with the BOINC platform, installing Comodo Firewall I started having a problem: whenever Boinc Manager receives new data units of any of the projects I’m working on, Comodo Comodo Firewall Defense or prevent the onset of processing software that unit by considering unknown, then processing is interrupted until I manually allow that unit and therefore all have the same name are accepted. When I’m in front of the pc I can solve the problem when it happens, but many times, the pc is left alone, processing data and can spend many hours until I manually allow a new unit is allowed to execute, so wasted many hours of work for this project is stopped.
What I need is to somehow, Comodo Firewall or allow any sub Defense (scientific data units) running from BoincManager or within BoincManager and any activity that these subprograms perform, be executed without interruption although these subprograms are unknown for Comodo (new units with new names that projects released frequently).
I’m using the version of Comodo Firewall 6.3.297838.2953.
It must be possible to do but not how can be done.

I hope you can tell me how to solve the problem.

Thank you…

I configured HIPS to send any stranger application to the sandbox “Partially limited” but has not done any good, Comodo continues to prevent unknown BOINC data units running and I have to enable them manually.
Does anyone know how to solve it?

Thank you.

The problem is with Defense + and HIPS, not with Comodo Firewall, I disabled HIPS and it seems that there are no problems, but it would have to be turned off, it must be possible to set Defense + and HIPS to allow the execution of any subprogram that run within or from BOINC Manager and any action that these subprograms perform …

Does anyone know how to solve the problem?
Can someone move this topic to the forum “Defense + / Sandbox Help - CIS”

Thank you.

What you could is to add the entire BOINC folder to exception.

Give me a pm and I will help you further through teamviewer

How I can include the entire boinc folder in the list of exceptions? I knew how to do it in previous versions of Comodo but not how to do it in this version.

Tanks for your help.

This is(are) my way(s) to achieve it, so there are other ways that might be less complex.

Version 1

Step 1) Open CIS → task → Advanced task → Open advance settings → Security settings → Behavior Blocker → Expetion (where Define exception for the behavior blocking) → Add → Folders. Here you will need to find BOINC which should be found in C:\ProgramData\BOINC*.

Step 2) Since HIPS does not accept folder you will need to create on shown in version 2 “Step 1)”.
(Behavior Blocker → Exceptions → Add → File Groups → The name of the new group → okey)

Step 3) HIPS Rules → Add → Browse → File Groups → The name of the new groups → Use Ruleset → Installer or Updater.

Version 2)

Step 1) Do as in step 1 but instead of going in Behavior Blocker go instead to Protected Objects → Groups → Add → New group → Give a name → click on the new group → add → Folder → C:\ProgramData\BOINC* → Okey.

Step 2) Behavior Blocker → Exceptions → Add → File Groups → The name of the new group → okey

Step 3) HIPS Rules → Add → Browse → File Groups → The name of the new groups → Use Ruleset → Installer or Updater.


In this I am a beginner, in “Version 1” i completed step 1, but in step 2 I get to “File Groups ->” then I can not complete the step “The name of the new group” because I do not see this. How you have made?

Thanks for your time.

when creating a new group you must give it a name.

PM me and I will help you through teamviewer

In step 2 of “Version 1” I get: “Behavior Blocker → Exceptions → Add → File Groups ->” but then does not show anything related to “New group” or "The name of the new group ".

Not only HIPS who blocks the operation of the BOINC Project’s programs, with HIPS disabled the firewall also blocks them.

I will make a video and send it to you, so PM me your email.

You have my email in a private message.

Thanks for your help.


I still can not complete step 2 “Behavior Blocker → Exceptions → Add → File Groups → The name of the new group → ok”, after selecting “Add” → “File Groups” not appears on the screen nothing related to “The name of the new group.”
I’m using the 6.3.297838.2953 version of Comodo Firewall, are you using the same version?

Thanks for helping.

I am on :slight_smile: and I have the same version.

Here is the video, ope it with w 7z

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I have your video from before yesterday, I’m working with.


I have a midrange PC gamer, I needed an office pc but wanted to process data for BOINC projects so I bought a PC for gaming and not an office pc. The pc is processing scientific data 16 hours a day and I use the pc simultaneously about 4 hours a day for my internet activities, do not use the PC for games.
I’m working mostly for BOINC projects related to medical drugs, diseases, energy, nanotechnology and am interested in research on new materials, so all this time you’ve used to answer has been very well spent.

Thanks for your help.

I am glad I could help.

They are working on letting the gpu do the calculations as they much fast on doing that.

I have a graphic card Nvidia GTX 650 TI Boost 2013 mostly used to process GPUGRID units. :wink:

If you have play games or will and need more boost add a second one through SLI or for that matter for more additional power.

May I ask what cpu you have?

If want tips on upgrade feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

AMD FX-8350 Processor, 16 GB of RAM. For greater capacity maybe replace the graphics card that I have for a card Nvidia GTX 760. It is a good pc for BOINC. I don´t use games. :wink: