Problem with BOClean 4.25

Iv’e been running BOClean 4.25 and when ever I put my system to sleep then wake it up BOClean seems to go into a loop. It eats up approx 50% of CPU. When I open up the menu from the task bar it just continues to clock. The only way to stop the process is to go into task manager and terminate it. Iv’e unistalled it and re-installed and have the same problem.

Has anybody else encountered this problem??? :THNK

RUNNING: Windows XP SP2, CFP V3 with defense+, PCTools AntiVirus V4 with real-time protection turned on and now recently installed Threatfire V3.

Hi donnyd :slight_smile:

In the BOClean forum part there are several topics about this issue with possible fixes :

Btw this issue will be fixed in the next release of BOClean.

Greetz, Red.

Thanks Rednose!!! Will check it out… :■■■■