Problem with backups on external HDs...

I have been obliged to uninstall COMODO Firewall recently because I had a problem with the last version of it.

I am using softwares like FreeFileSync or SyncFolders to backup my data with one way only mirroring on external HDs.

The problem is that after doing such a backup, if I immediately make the same backup, the same exact files that were copied in the previous backup will be backupped again, and the same thing happens each time I would immediately do the same thing again. It is as if the files were not backupped at all.

The backup software indicates clearly that everything went OK, that no problem occured at all.

I had not this problem with previous versions of COMODO Firewall which I use since a couple of years.

The backup software has the correct permissions from COMODO Firewall.

Does someone had the same problem or knows something about it ?

It has been report in this bug report, that the latest version does cause problems with backups.

@ Dennis2

Thank you very much for your comment : it is exactly the problem I have.

When I began to have this problem it was not long for me to find out that the culprit was COMODO Firewall and I immediately suspected that it was a timestamp problem.

For the moment I use another firewall (Privatefirewall) to avoid this problem.

Do you know what would be the best old version of COMODO Firewall I may use to have a still good protection but with no bugs at all or only a minimum of bugs ?

Thank you !

The one I am using CIS.7.0.4132 is the previous version from the CIS 7 versions without this problem.

@ Dennis2

1-Do you think it may cause some kind of security threat to use an old version of COMODO Firewall ?

2-Do you know where I may find the version your’e talking about, I have looked at Filehippo and Filehorse and the latest version of v7 I found is 7.0.317799 ?

3-Do you have an idea of the way we could be best informed about the repair of that bug so that we may download as soon as possible the latest version ?

Thank you !

  1. No I do not see that, but remember nothing is 100% if you always follow the practice of safety first when using your computer ie:- do not click on dubious links etc.

  2. No, that is the problem no idea why they do not have the latest version of the CIS 7 series. Try asking on the Install board for that particular version.

  3. Always check the CIS feedback board next release is due Mid March/ Mid April last suggested date was early April, please note these are only estimated dates.


Edit On second thoughts might be best to watch this topic for fix ie:- being able to disable ads being added;topicseen

@ Dennis2

Thank you very much for your help !

I will follow your advice to check on that thread your mentioned.

Since this bug already has a verified report i will move this to resolved. Feel free to respond in the verified report saying you are having the same issue and also give your computer config/ windows version.