Problem With Avast

Hi Gang, I hope there’s a work around for this as I really like this firewall. For some reason, while surfing, I keep getting a Red Avast alert telling me that Avast failed to update. This happens every time I go on-line (dial-up). What’s funny is that when I go to manually update Avast, it tells me it’s already updated. Here’s what I did: I shut down Comodo and disabled it from the msconfig/start-up. I enabled XP’s firewall. Same problem occurs. I then uninstalled Comodo and the red Avast boxes went away. Well, I figured I might have had a corrupt Comodo install, so I re-installed it. No joy, same problem. Well, had to uninstall Comodo again to get my anti vir to work correctly. Oh, I forgot to mention, I also did a remove/re-install of Avast, as I thought that could have gotten corrupted, but no joy. I like this (Comodo) firewall and want to use it. Is there a solution to this? Thanks gang. Oh, forgot to mention, I’m using the version just prior to the one with the cool little blue shield in the systray. Thanks gang.

Hi, just installed COMODO a couple of days ago. Smooth installation and implementation. I also am on dial-up and use AVAST. but no conflict whatever. Don’t know the difference in this case.



Try setting the avast! components to the following settings in Comodo Personal Firewall.

I’m on a ADSL/ LAN connection and have the same problem as descriped here. The given solution doesn’t work. ???

Turn logging ON for all network monnitor rules, reboot and let Avast try to autoupdate. The failed attempt should be captured in the CPF logs. Post the log file here so we can see what .exe is actually stumbling.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a shot when I get back home, the AVAST forum wasn’t helpful with this either so far…

After my last try post in this thread and prior to shutting down the PC I removed the AVAST entries in CPF. Today I booted up and opend CPF asap. Message popped up about AVAST connecting to the net and I approved. AVAST was happy again, becuase it updated the virus database once again. :slight_smile:

There are two ways to approach issues like this - 1) enable logging to see what gets trapped and 2) (as you have done) remove any application rules and rerun the app to recreate the rule.

Either way, the result is the same - another happy CPF client!

Ewen :slight_smile: