Problem with AV... Do you have it to!?

Hey guy’s, I dont wanna be funny, but I’m having some problems with the AV (so is my friends).

When I do a full scan, it scan’s correctly, but gets stuck at “My documents”. Then it stay’s there for like 20 hours, and then I exit. But when I do a “select folder” scan, and select everything except “My documents” it does a scan in 24 mins. I dont mind doing that everytime I scan, but now it say’s that full system scan is not completed, and it’s starting to p!ss me off. (5 out of 5 ppl have this problem that I know of).

Now the 2nd problem I have is that windows doesn’t see COMODO AV as a virus remover program! And that’s lame aswell, cause Windows doesn’t see it. :frowning:

Any idea’s.


There has been some issues with Comodo freezing on certain folders. You may want to check the forum for some of these posts and there resolutions.

Also, currently CAVS does report its status to Windows but I think from CAVS beta 2 it will be able to.


Yeah, I see the same problem all over the forum!

I just think this seriously need to be fixed. And with all the ppl I know it get’s stuck at “My Documents”.

This is very bad reputation for COMODO. I mean, a virus scanner that cant do a full system scan. And a virus scanner that windows doesn’t see. It gives a very immature image. But atleast I support COMODO and I’m trying to help you guys! :smiley:

Hi Zizzy

There’s a completely new version (CAVS 2 Beta) due next week. CAVS 2 is a major upgrade (thus the change in version numbers). So, I’d wait until you’ve upgrade to that & see if the issue still persists.

With the update, will it automaticly be updated to version 2, or must I download a new one and install it!? Hopefully it’s automaticly done. But I guess a beta version never get’s updated automaticly. Will have to wait for the complete stable version…

I think it will be automatic with CAVS as other updates for it have been automatic, but being such a major upgrade it may not.

CAVS beta 2 is expected 16th October but this date may still change.


I don’t know, the last word on CAVS 2 was from Melih, stating that it would be released on Monday, 16-Oct. But, maybe I’ve got that wrong, as I thought they only did releases on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Something to do with QA cycle.

CAVS 2 stable? Well, it’s a beta. So, no… I don’t think it can, as of yet (mainly because it has not been released yet ;)), be classified as stable. There are always those bugs, users doing things that a room of people couldn’t come up with or even dream of & all those different system set-ups, with different configurations, different hardware, and all that different software, drivers, etc. There are so many variables. Erm… old saying… The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem. ;D

As long as those 2 bugs are just fixed, I will be happy. Will it be announced if the stable version is released!?

Yes, of course.

You can see a list of bugs that are waiting to be fixed (and those that have been fixed) before the stable release here:“Fix the Bugs” time for CAVS :slight_smile: (need your help… please read…)

You can also add any new bugs that are not on the list so Comodo can fix these also.


Do you use offline folders, Zizzy?
If so, the sollution is to exclude the C:%windir\CSC folder from all scans. This folder is a hidden systemfolder so uncheck the proper settings to see it (or just type it in manually in the exclude window). this should help you avoid the problem and allow you to complete your scan normally.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply’s guys. Will have to wait for Beta 2!

@Triplejolt. Not working! :frowning: But thanks for the help! :smiley:

Hmm… Then I don’t know. CAV scans of My Documents runs just fine on my Laptop. I had to exclude the Offline Folders though as this bogged down the scan and kept it in a loop indefinately.
If you figure it out, please post your solution back here. Could be interresting :slight_smile:

Good luck!