Problem with ASP.NET app debugging


I have installed Comodo Firewall recently and have encoutered with an interesting problem.
We create ASP.NET application using Visual Studio 2005. When I run my application for debug Visual Studio opens IE 7.0 to show that application. When I did this at the first time Comodo Firewall asked me to allow such connetion and I gave my permission.
After that our web-application started show a JavaScript script error which did not occur earlier.
If I look at the page source code I can see that some part of one script section on that page have dissapeared somehow.
This problem does not occur in the following cases:

  1. If I run IE separately (not from VS 2005) and open that page;
  2. If I open that page using FireFox;
  3. If I turn off Comodo Firewall or at least its Application Monitor and the open that page;

Who can suggest something?

My configuration:
Windows XP, Internet Explorer 7.0, Comodo Firewall

I’m presuming you now have a rule in Application Monitor where IE7 is Allowed with a Parent Application of VS2005… That being the case, if you edit that rule, and under the Miscellaneous tab check the box, “Skip advanced security checks.” OK.

Then try the scenario again (without doing anything special to avoid the issue) and see if it occurs again.

There are some folks here that use VS, and know more about that specifically. I’m sure they will be along shortly.