Problem with application rules

Hi all,

I have been using Comodo 2 for 2 weeks and i am pretty happy with it. But i think there is a bug or something i could not understand.

Here is the case :

When I want to block an application’s access to a single IP address, if I create a single application rule, it blocks correctly. But when I create 2 different rules 1 for allow all activity and one for the blocking the IP address, the results are random. For internet explorer blocking rule becomes active but firefox allow rule becomes active.

How do this application monitor rules work?

For more information about the discussion, you can look at the following forums posts, where you can also find the screenshots :


Nice question. maybe someone of the support team will give an answer.
In the meanwhile you can solve this by making 2 allow rules with IP ranges.
For example:
The first range should be

And the second

This should block the desired ip ;D

Hi there,

This was a bug which has been fixed in the update that you will be able to receive tomorrow(18/5/06).

Edit : FYI. The update may be delayed for a few days.

How do this application monitor rules work?

We are planning to prepare a comprehensive manual about the configuration of CPF and its operations soon so that you can better understand how CPF works.

Thank you for the cooperation,