Problem with aero themes

I’ve noticed this slightly disturbing visual glitch that occurs when using an aero theme, where the Dragon button’s slightly misplaced if the window is in full size.
I didn’t really care about that, but now I’m having another problem with aero themes: the Dragon button becomes unresponsive. The only part that still works is the topmost part that is not visible on a full sized window. And I think this is annoying enough to be mentioned somewhere. I mean, I can barely open the main menu! Not a very pleasant thing.

Hi and welcome Rider01,
Please try disabling ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’, found under system in Dragons advanced settings.
Also please check that the systems screen resolution is set correctly.

Kind regards.

Hi, captainsticks!

Thanks for the tips, but unfortunately none of them could solve my problem. My screen resolution is set properly (1366×768, even Windows says it’s the recommended resolution), and disabling hardware acceleration didn’t heal the button :(.

Sorry neither suggestion helped.
I don’t know how to get past the visual glitch, but the following two keyboard shortcuts will open the main menu which may help with the unresponsive menu button.
Alt+F or Alt+E

Kind regards.
Edit: Added a missed word.

The visual glitch is just that: a slight visual problem. That’s not a problem, I got used to it (I blame the different window border thickness for aero and non-aero themes). My problem was the unresponsive menu button, but these two keyboard shortcuts provide a good enough workaround to me. Thanks :slight_smile:

You are welcome Rider01.
I am glad the keyboard shortcuts helped. :slight_smile:
Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts for Comodo Dragon-Comodo Help

Kind regards.