Problem with Adobe Acrobat

Since FW update to version 7 I have an annoying warning message each time I open Acrobat or any pdf file (see attachment). Is there a way to configure Comodo FW to avoid this ? Or a fix/update ?
Sandbox: not activated
HIPS: not activated


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Adobe reader X or XI ?

are you EA-FRench ? thx.

Acrobat Reader XI

same message in English and French locales

d’accord ; c’est un problème adobe ; XI est payant ; essayez le sav reader/dev : ils sont rapides, performants et compétants _ en général cette option apparaît à l’installation d’adobe ou à une réinstallation du système -O.S- (configuration initiale par disk ou recovery) ; clik sur adobe "réparer adobe reader devrait faire l’affaire … si vous pensez qu’il s’agit d’un problème comodo ; il faudrait être plus précis _ vous pouvez aussi jouer sur - ouvrir par défaut pdf _adobe reader xi - peut-être en conflit avec une ancienne installation ou un autre soft (je conseille plutôt glaries que ccleaner.).

First of all, Acrobat Reader XI is free.
Installation repair of Acrobat resulted in the same behavior.
Comodo FW update was the sole software installation before the problem occured; I conclude it’s a Comodo problem.
As for potential conflicts this link gives information on some antivirus programs but none concerning Comodo.

Do I have to file a bug?

I’ve seen that message when running it in the access limited sandbox. Try running with the sandbox as fully virtualized, or run it outside the sandbox.

XI is not free -(free trial)- but you can use it ; you will see that in few weeks / month and the manufacturer of your pc do know it (does it come from your manufacturer ? i, no ! so you can expect few compatibility problem …)

Do I have to file a bug? yes if you think it is a comodo problem …

with adobe reader X , you have not this problem is not it ?

my conclusion is not the same than yours … sorry.

Clearly we are not speaking of the same product. I’m speaking of Acrobat READER wich is free

will do, thank you

It is not free = it is free to use/download but it is locked-as a trial like a lot of free soft … anyway like a lot of soft; it is accepted from your laptop/pc if and only if your windows accept it so it must be with a bundle when you buy it (your os) - assume it is windows of course) and be updated from your os ; because (i suppose so) ; it is well implemented and agreement are done between enterprise (os + adobe e.g.)
If not ; incompatibilities will come and an unstable os will become … .

In shorts , windows do not accepts easily that is not windows.

Adobeair works better and i wonder if reader is not included with : try it maybe it solves your problem.
(try libreoffice, gimp, and others free … you will see …)
Anyway adobe XI do not bring you an advantage if you have not the full version -

you have not answered to my question :
have you trouble with adobe X , is it not the implemented/genuine version ?

why not this link ?