Problem with access to the account.

Hi, since yesterday with the account something strange happens. I Use Comodo TrustConnect. Yesterday I wanted to see the statistics on traffic and tried to login to the site Comodo to link Comodo Account Management | Login or Create a new Account. And here’s the problem! When I enter the login and the password, the screen displays the message «Invalid login or password or user is not active», although just a few days ago there were no problems. When you try to restore the password on the link “Forgot password” appears on the screen «Email was sent to you with a reference for changing your password.», for the link in the letter says this: «The access key is invalid. Wait for the new email with the password reset link.», now add the line: «You can try to restore password once more.». Yesterday is temporarily blocked account for the frequent attempts entering the wrong password.

TrustConnect is working in the system tray green square.

Login - aledenev. Tried it in different browsers: Mozilla Firefox 19, Internet Explorer 9. Tell me, please, what is the problem? Thank you!

I’m sorry for my bad English!

a question, you use the software link:

if so, try using SnadBoy’s Revelation and see what your password is, since you say you can access the internet through the comodo trust connect.