[PROBLEM] With a Game

I need some help y I’m new with this program. I recent installed Comodo firewall i think is the best firewall on net, but i have a problem when i execute the game my PC autorestart. I confirm that is the Firewall because i unistall it and the problem desapeard.

Well the game is Lineage II and have the problem with any version. I hope you can helpe Me because i still using de Firewall,

Sry By My English… and thanks for your help

How do you know your computer restarts because of Comodo Firewall?

I played Lineage II a long time ago and if I remember correctly it caused me problems too :confused: (That was before I used Comodo Firewall)

Because I unistall comodo Firewall and the problem disapeard. In other words I unistall Comodo Firewall and i can run the Game Perfectly. That the reason why comodo restar my PC, probably i have to do something to prevent PC autorestart.

Thanks i hope i can explain well, and yo can help me to resolve it.

Put Defense+ in “Training Mode” Defense+\Advanced\Defense+ Settings. This will learn you’re game, But only leave this setting for your game.

Run the game while D+ is in Training Mode, play around with it, close the game then switch back to Safe Mode. Then re-run it.


If the game uses Game Guard then this is s known issue. Search the forum and you will find your answer.

If i put in training mode the computer Reboot, but reading some post of user said that we can go to advance setting and chek deactive defense permanetly but without rebooting, and then unchek.

My question is…i still having protection?

There is another way to solve this problem? because i only found that.

As far as I can tell (and I may be wrong)
the only thing you can do to correct this issue is to disable Defense+

To disable Defense+:
In the main Comodo Firewall Pro window, under “Proactive Defense”,
click on what it says next to "The Defense+ security level is set to "
bring the slider down to disabled and restart your computer … this should fix your problem.

You will still have firewall protection but you won’t have Defense+ protection if you do this.