problem with "A" Drive

WinXPPro, Using the Comodo Firewall, does the firewall which is running in the background, activate “A” drive at all?
Every now and again, the drive clicks on, and after about 5 seconds, clicks off, for no reason at all, without a disk in it.

This is not a firewall problem. Your A drive is your floppy drive, unless you’ve made unconventional changes to your system, and they’re notoriously short-lived. Check that the cable is tight on both ends and that the power plug is tight (with the computer turned off!) , but new ones are cheap, maybe $15-20. Just install a one or you can keep a few spares in the drawer cannibalized from old computers.

Thanks Cohen, I know that this is a Firewall, but as I have not been using it for more than a couple of weeks, so am not too sure what it does in the background, I wanted to eliminate it as being the cause of the annoying little problem with “A” drive that has started to occur…
All the conncting cables are fine.

Thanks again.

Firewalls don’t make clicking sounds in your floppy drive.

Is your floppy drive still kosher? I mean may be it is broken? The firewall will not access the floppy drive (I still a floppy drive in my system).