Problem with 4.23 install on Win98SE

I’m receiving the following error when installing v4.23 on my Win98SE machine:

Error Starting Program
The CBO_SETUP_4.23.EXE file is
linked to missing SHELL32.DLL:SHGetFolderPathW.

Is the new Comodo BOClean not for Win98SE any longer?

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I have an older machine as a back up, I hate to tell you BoClean will not work on Win98. It’s time to update, Microsoft don’t even support iy no more. (:SAD)

I hope you are wrong. I was lead to believe that BOClean would continue to work on Win98.

Kevin, or Melih, or anyone at Comodo, could you give us a definite answer please? Will Comodo BOClean continue to support Win9x?

Not to worry, 4.23 still supports older versions of Windows - the error you’re seeing is in the outer wrapper for the proggie, and it probably the cause of the other weirdnesses seen in Vista. The code call done there is for Win2000 and up and that’s not how I code things. Will see about getting that outer wrapper changed somehow and that should cure it given that everything worked just fine in the code I submitted and still does. Looks like that outer wrapper needs some work.

I guess it’s a good thing some of us are still running Win98SE to catch this stuff then, huh?


Oh, and it’s working fine on my other three WinXP machines.
Thanks for a great security program!

Kevin, I always had it freeze up esp when you tried to check for updates. I just set it at auto updates and left it alone. Also it would always lock up on some programs. Of course this is Win98, and I hardly use this back up PC.

Curious . . .
Is this going to be fixed before tomorrow’s “official” launch?

Well, I downloaded a copy of the installer this morning (Tuesday), and I get the same thing as NewView. Will the wrapper be fixed for Win98 soon?

I’m waiting for it to appear on the “Free Products” page before I download it again.

win98 is out dated. Microsoft don’t even support it. Time to update.

That’s twice you’ve posted that in this thread, dwax.

I think we are well aware that Microsoft no longer supports Win98SE, however, BOClean has chosen to continue supporting it with it’s product. With that being said, it’s perfectly reasonable to inform BOClean, via this forum , when there are problems with that product.