problem whit sales and buddies forum

i am very unhappy costumer i buy comodo pro on november 2012 and cancel my suscrition on december and recibe a refound and a offer to buy it 4.99 i try another security product and now i want to back to comodo but the link send me to buy it in 19.99 in the mail never says this offer expires and it expires i think its not ethical you must specify the offer will expires i dont trust in you for that

by other side i must say geeks dont hwlp in nothing i think they don t are ms certificate they are eratic they dont help ke to send false alarms they dont help me to know if ine thibg are or not virus i have problems whit windows updates and never know if the decisions they take are correct

i want my offer and quality support

melhi answer me

melhi i open a topic im teally upset and want to report this because you are reaponsable in this company

first i buy comodo pro on november and chancel on december because bddies don result a good help dont help me whit fps and incluse blocks windows update i dont trust they are experts i see they are erratic and take decisions whitout investigate

ok melhi i recibe my refound anf offer to stay whit.cimodo for 4.99 but i clixk link and says 19.99 in the mail.never says the offer expires i want to back to.comodo but you dont make easy

i offer or reward because you must especificate the offer will expire maybe i go back befire if know it

i want expert asistence no erratic tecnicals or ineficient

you are repobsable. for this company solve this issues and please mantain your promolises

why you dont notify me the offer will e mail?

why some thecnicals are erratic.and nasty?

take care and bless u

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somevody can answer my cuestion i post here and in the mehil.corner because i tuink he must know that issues i wait a satisfactory answer soon it are qn injustice

i promise no duply post but want answr

You can get the FREE version which has everything you need except premium support and live virus removal.

If you need the premium version, mayby you can email the technical support team.

Look the problem is this .

Geeks makes disasters and they can repair it.

Comodo promise me a discount on pro versión

here a copy of e mail

Dear Customer:

Thank you for contacting COMODO. Your request for cancellation and refund has been forwarded to the Accounting Department. Please allow up to 2-7 business days to see the refund on your credit card or Pay Pal account.

Order Number: 1297362-1
Product: Comodo Internet Security Pro
Refund: $19.99

You are a valuable customer to COMODO and we would like to offer you our Award Winning Comodo Internet Security Pro with GeekBuddy for just $4.99 for 1 year. This is an incredible offer in which you SAVE up to $45.00. Please click the following link to take advantage of this great offer.

Comodo Internet Security Pro offers extreme protection backed by Comodo’s Virus-Free Guarantee. It offers a better solution to your Internet security needs. Our All-in-One protection features:

  • Award-winning Comodo Firewall Pro Software
  • Comodo Antivirus Software to clean Malware
  • Defense+ Host Intrusion Protection
  • Auto Sandbox Technology™
  • $500 Virus-Free Guarantee*
  • $15,000 Identity Protection Coverage*
  • Remote Security & System Support with GeekBuddy which also includes:
    • Malware Diagnosis & Removal
    • PC Tune-up
    • Comodo Software Installation
    • Almost any Computer Troubleshooting

If you have any further questions or comments regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us.

Yours in service,

GeekBuddy Support Team

Ticket Details

Ticket ID: NPQ-240310
Department: Subscriptions
Priority: Default

I want to validate this offer but all says its not valid Why ?

in the e mail never says this offer will expires

I want to back to comodo and want to give a second chance to geeks and want my offer for 4.99 as they promise me

thats dont not creating trust online

As i read your story, and compared it to the headline,
somehow i believe,
no outcome will make you happy.
Would you want to have a customer that calls you “fraud”? Who tries to create pressure towards you?
You got your money back, and a friendly offer without time note. And you make a headline with “fraud”.

Simple advise:
If you are not fine with something, dont get it. If its too late, ask for a refund.
If you get an offer without time note, maybe your expected time frame may differ.

I am not sure if you know english well enough. “Fraud” is a criminal term.

Some people you can never please - but please do not be rude, especially when you got a refund, and now you want to come back to Comodo just do a monthly subscription for Pro or Complete version(s).

im disapointing whit you both the slogan are"createtrust online" but why i can trust?

1 thecnicals who dont investigate and says if comodo detwcts like virus its virus they can see on google if the app are legitime

2 ok i have a refound but in all conteact are hiden lines and.explicit clausules and terms and conditions i think if comodo are honest and ethical must specify rhe period of this offer melih figth for ethic and trust online how can he allow thats cuestions

dont speak english but i know about injustice if i have an offer i want it if you say me it will expire i take in consideraion

if you dont specify the things you make a unethical behabior

i dont pretend be rude i only claim justice

thats the company.image please create trust inline

I think you are being very unreasonable. You got a refund and an extremely generous offer which you didn’t take advantage of, so you should not expect that offer to be available to you for ever.

Thank you, James.
On top of that, all software versions are identical, no limitations, no restrictions. Only additional services are what you are paying for. I personally think those same services are available through these Forums, at no charge.
You want help and support, ask nicely for it. You will always be ignored when rude.

Why not email Comodo support visit main Comodo website in the bar it says contact us, support then you can email sales and they will help you from there…

You got your money back and changed your mind about an kindly offer three months later, which isnt active anymore. You speak about justice, fraud, injustice…

I really hope that you dont know what these words mean.

If you feel injustice, pay a law expert to help you. But only “fraudsters” would accept to work for you in this case. :smiley:
The only “injustice” that you can show is:
“My expectation did not fit reallity. So i got my money back, and passed an offer until it was too late.”

I am reminded on the place in a shop where you have to pay your goods. And where you can hear children discovering the “injustice” of,
next time you will get a lolly, not this time.

i think dont are urrasonable but the paper is the paper and only the paper is valid if they dont specify it offer will expire i am in my rigth to take it when i decide

i eorte several times to comodo sales and suscription and dont answer i talk to all.buddies in chat and dont help

i think im.aparently are rude and nasty but only want help.are too sadly the costumers dont bring to another

but as you said maybe im.exagerate now im not upset and apologize but that dont mean i stop to demand my rigths

i admire too much the comodos filosofy see chanel and read melih blog i feel all that open my eyes i feel cokodo figth for the costumer and irdinary people

like free product are great but like paid product are like the others as my view.point

i am decepcionatet and the deception are than strong as the expectatives and i have too high expectatives from comodo

you show me the unethical comercial teick from.others and comercial interest of another companies and comparatives i always recibe a good atention in the forum and apologize

i think the comunity work are the strongest way to be secure all whit the help of all and want to contribute and bring you

i think im in error (spanish)“ensuciando el foro” it not your bussines it cuestionn of comercial departament and dont retire my words difraud me

now i will dedicate to help and hope be helped

and please tell me how to.changue the title if my topic

It was a business offer, to get a leaving customer back, who is leaving.

How is it your right?

If there is no time specified, why would you expect “ALL time” is meant?
Fit your expectation to reallity


With your argumentation you could come in 80 years to demand your 4,99 offer again.

Can you see how you dont make sense?

Once i got a one year subscription for a product for free. But it wasnt “one year after i choose to start”,
it was
“one year from know”.
If i had passed this offer for 11 months, do you think i would cry and call “injustice”?

Do yourself a favour, and to all people who suffer from REAL injustice and fraud:
Get over it.

I really do NOT understand why you are here, why not contact Comodo staff, send them the email about the offer and ask if it is still valid… Unless you are here for a joke, may be speak to people with a bit of respect, the mod’s are all volunteers so show some respect (that also goes for forum users!) Check your spelling before posting as some of it does not make any sense

Well done clockwork - love the end bit.

Well, well, well…

Wait a second. Im going to work and can not answer properly and always excuse my bad english. I still wirting a long apologize, sorry, excuse, “disculpa” (spanish) on my cell pone but it delete. All in the fórum excuse me.

First My opinión respect to my topic and bad behavior: I meditate well and think i deelay too much time to take the offer, but they never specify it will expire, if they say me i have one or two days or one or two hours i will meditate and changue my mind before.

Second: I post it in the fórum because thecnicals and e mails dont recibe answer and i think here i can be helped. I see one topic where some user reclaims about his comodo suscription, and all help he and the Melih CEO answer he and apologize for a similar situatition.

Third: I will acept the offer not are avaible, ok whith resignatión, but next time please specify that. A serious company brings all this information and specify that insignificant (For me very significative) details, it give the users and costumer a reazon to trust.

Fourth: I think in my opinion the thecnicals are unuseful, i found more help in this forum and another forums, i dont remember names but they must act less erratic and more professionals if one person pays, pays for that. I will never chancel if that never happens.

Fifth: I never adjetivate, never say an insult, i talk about comodo sales, offers, etc, not users in the forum ¿Its too dificult say me where wirte a e mail to be taked in serious, comunicate whith the superiors or something to solve my problem? I think talk whith superiors, gerents, or something like that solve many problems, or one complains departament. You call me unreasonable, now i am apologize, “pidiendo perdon” (spanish), now i say “Im sorry”, now i say i want to changue the head line of the post for something like that “Offer expiration and not notified” or “Problem whith sales departament”, and nobody says me how. Only say I am unrasonable, say my topic is a childhood a joke, and indirectly call me ignorant i never say “you …” I think i show respect only express something what my particular view point are injustice. I answerrespect my problem not personalize my answers to users or forum colaborators to insult. If you feel insulted by my cause, topic, reazon, complain, againts one company who dont answer e mails, i dont know what to think about you (users) but i dont say anything more because i want to reconciliate and express Im sorry.

Im sorry, im sorry, im sorry if i fault you respect.

Seventh: I think i was no chemical whith buddies, but in the forum i always recive help incluse using another security products, i want to cure “sanar” (Spanish) my relation whit you in the forum, and help and be helped, in thecnical problems and contribute to comunity, sincerly hurts me “i dont know what are you doing here”, brother “I worte here because nobody helps me in another place”. I think i can help, i hope can be helped and now ask for your compresion , but im human i going upset, i think somethings are injust, i figth for that things i think i was rigth, i can have errors, im not perfect, who are free of sin trow first stone.

Please before to close this please let me changue the headline and let me know you acept my apologize and begin from 0 like friends and help one to others.

“Take things more easy.”

Maybe we used different words and angles, but that was what we tried to say.

Edit your first post and change the existing headline. That does the trick.

You obviously dont need the technical support, or you dont like it. So, no need to worry about a missed offer. Use the free version. Ask in a forum if you have questions.

All fine.

Send Melih a private message via forum - I did and he answered my questions, he is the best, how many CEO’s of big companies would read forum posts NONE, Kaspersky reading messages yeah right.