Problem when shuting down Windows

  • The version of Comodo Firewall Pro Installed:

  • Your Internet connection type:


  • Operating system and Service Pack Level:

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2

  • How you are logging in to the OS:


  • Other Security applications installed:

    Avira Antivir Personal Edition Classic

  • Security related applications which have been removed/disabled before installing CFP:

    ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall

  • Detail the problem, such as which applications are running when you have the problem.

After I log off, the message “Saving your settings” appears on the screen. Only after a long time the message “Windows is shutting down” appears. Then, after another long time the PC shuts down. In other words, the PC takes almost 3 minutes to shut down!!!
Unfortunately, the problem is related to Comodo Firewall, since the problem disappears when I turn it off in MSCONFIG.

  • Please inform us if you have created any custom rules:

    Only the rules for Emule that appears in the forums.

There could be some registry entries leftover from your ZA installation. However, it sounds likely that your profiles are not unloading correctly at shutdown. Microsoft have provided a free utility that works well to fix this - it is called the User Profile Hive Cleanup service:

After installing this my shutdown times are never longer than 15 seconds.


Your suggestion solved my problem! I did not know about UPHC.
But I think the problem was not related to ZoneAlarm, since when I turn Comodo off in MsConfig the problem disappears. Now I remember there were no problems when I installed Comodo first time. I’m not sure, but I think the problem happened after some Windows automatic updates.

Although UPHC worked very fine, I think the solution to this kind of problem should come from Comodo, not from Microsoft. If things from Microsoft were good we wouldn’t be using Comodo but Windows built-in firewall :slight_smile: