Problem when burning discs

I am new to the forum so please forgive me if I have posted in the wrong place. I have had a couple of incidents now of the free Comodo Firewall updating while I am burning a disc, this has brought the burning to a complete standstill and the program I use won’t carry on burning after the update has finished. Apart from stopping Comodo from automatically updating, is there anything that I can do to ensure it doesn’t update while I’m burning a disc. Very new to Comodo as was using a different free firewall until they stopped developing it. Any help would be appreciated and I couldn’t find anything when searching that referred to this issue.

I assume you’re referring to the AV updating the virus database. Well, you can disable the automatic update in the scanner settings of the AV when you’re burning discs and restore the feature when you’re done.

Thanks for replying. I am assuming then that there isn’t a setting anywhere that can be enabled so as the program doesn’t update when doing such tasks, or for updates just to be installed when starting pc, or for the firewall to announce their is an update for those wishing to do it manually.

Just to clarify one more thing. It’s the firewall updater that I’m referring to, I don’t use Comodo antivirus, that’s why I posted it in the firewall section.