Problem w/COMODO

I have COMODO Firewall only loaded (I use AVG for anti-virus). Everything was fine until the other day when some COMODO screens hung open. I decided to re-install the product. It required uninstalling the prior version first. When I tried that the uninstaller locked up. Now various things tell me that COMODO is not installed: The icon on the Start -Products list is there but it is not the normal icon. It will not open. Windows Install Cleanup does not show as installed. CCleaner uninstaller does not show it as installed. However, COMODO is still flashing warnings and requesting rights and approvals. The icon still shows in the lower right of the start bar. However right or lerft clicking the icon produces no result. Running cis premium installer produces a “Cannot install COMODO Internet Security Error 13 The data is invalid” after one enters one’s email address.

Try running the Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products to remove components that have been left behind.