Problem, virus... [Resolved]

I have seen it for the first time yesterday when i oppnd UT3. The warning was:

Ok tried to remove… ask for restart… restated… comodo wasnt able to remove so today, another file with the same virus was detected. So i made a full-scan and the result:

Its a headache man! Is it dangerous? I was googling and seen that this kind of virus is obtained by some media files, so it search your whole computer for media files and infect them so you share again with a P2P - repassing the virus.

I cant submit it because windows says that i dont have enough permission to do that. (Tried with full admin rights too, same prob.)

Thanks for attention!

Welcome. :slight_smile:

It’s a false positive. Nothing to worry about. Should be fixed soon.

I guess it was fixed, the warning dissapeard and i made a full-scan to secure and nothing was detected!

Thanks for att.!

(R) (S) (V) (CLY)

yes. the update fixed it. FPs are resolved rather quickly.


Problem solved.

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