problem using MAC address in the ruleset


I have one problem when i would like using MAC address for the incoming ruleset to use a Peer to peer software (GigaTrybe).

I explain : i would like to make a connection with a friend in peer to peer mode but my friend has a dynamic IP ,so i decide to secure my connection to make a rule for the incoming traffic from my friend with its MAC address set in the remote computer on my ruleset, but its don’t work . I have tried to set also the MAC address of its router in my ruleset but nothing change , everytime i tried to connect to my friend’s computer i see in my log event its IP address blocking.
The only way i have find to make this one working correctly is to set its IP address manuelly at everytime (cause this one is dynamic).
I appreciate if anyone have a suggest to make this working securely in an other way,thank you in advance for the answers.
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NB : sorry for my bad English


MAC adresses are not routable by themselves.

You should either use some kind of VPN like Hamachi, either have your friend redirect his dynamic IP with an appropriate software (e.g. No-IP and running No-IP DUCS as a resident software).