Problem upgrading to Version 4.o

I recently moved home and for various reasons I did not use my PC (Vista 64bit) from late March to recently. I was prompted by Comodo to upgrade to version 4.0 . It gave me the option to download the Firewall and Anti-Virus and Internet Security so I did all three. I then restarted the PC as instructed. However, I can only install EITHER the Firewall OR the Anti-virus NOT BOTH. Whichever you install first, when you try to install the other a dialogue box appears saying - Uninstall Comodo Internet Security version 4.0 before you can install. However, it doesn’t give you a link to perform the uninstall and, not being a techie I am now stuck with only having Anti-virus but with no Firewall (or vice versa) - Help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks guys!

Go to control panel then uninstall programs, then add and remove then unistall the CIS installation. the google comodo and download the newer CIS