Problem updating

Hey Folks,

Been using Comodo for quite a while, and recently went to cis 4. I’m early on the learning curve for cis 4, and when I try to update from “check for updates” I get error 0x80072f78. I’m using Windows XP Home sp3. Is anybody else in the same boat? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great day,

Are you trying to update the av definitions?

Hey EricJH,

Thanks for the reply! You are so right, my posting was not specific. I was trying to check for program updates. I had been out of town for 2 weeks, so I went to “check for updates” under “More…”. Got the wizard, and the error occurred when I click next.

Thanks again for your time and interest.


What version of CIS are you using?

Hey EricJH,

Hope all is well with you. My product version is 4.0.141842.828.

I am embarrassed (:AGY) to admit that I tried check for updates this morning and it worked like a charm, reporting that I have the up-to-date version! It must have been a situation with this 2002 vintage computer or with my internet service provider. These machines baffle this 66 year old, mechanically minded, computer duffer, since they seem to do things differently on different days. Sorry to have used your time, when my problem could have been solved with mere patience.

While I have you, let me report that I have enjoyed your product very much. Also, while out of town, I watched a little Comodo TV and have decided to add two more Comodo products.


It sounds like you may have bumped into a temporary server side glitch. Your version is the latest version.

It solved its self. It being solved is what counts.