Problem updating from CD to

When I try to update from CD to from the downloaded set-up app all I get is the option to repair CD and not upgrade. Alternatively, when I check for updates in CD it returns no updates available. I am running 32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

It looks like the program may have been updated. Can you check in Dragon what version number it reports?

Thanks for your reply, EricJH.

Both product and file version is being shown in the details tab of the dragon application file in the CD program folder. However, I’ve just noticed that for the setup app file in the same folder is shown. Does that mean that it is actually the version that is now running?

Try running the set up of and see if that works to update from to


Please type [b]about:[/b] in the address bar and see what Dragon says its version is.

Thank you!

EricJH, I ran the set up previously, which was when I noticed the anomaly but have now tried Mihai’s suggestion and lo and behold it shows! So everything seems to be in order after all - just seems odd that it would still show the version for the Dragon application file in the programs folder.

So, all’s well that ends well. Many thanks for your time & help, good people. All the best. :-TU