Problem Updating BOClean

Over the past few days I have consistently been having problems when
trying to update BOClean manually (I’m using version 4.22.002.) It responds that an update is
available but apparently times out with out downloading anything.
Usually the updater just shuts down with no message but several times
this morning I received a message that there was a problem downloading
BOC422.XVU and to try again later. ( I’m on dial up so the auto update
function isn’t a practical alternative for me.)

My wife is having the same problem with her computer as well.

Thought I’d try the old trick of downloading the XVU file directly
from the site (the link on Comodo’s BOClean page still goes to - that works fine except that the
file is a version dated 2007-05-05 18:52:49 rather than a current one.

Any suggestions as to how I can get an up to date “update”. Thanks in anticipation.

Welcome to our forum. :wink:

You might try this:

MD5 hash: 825ab5e524cc66407e2d94bedb806ee1
Matches the one I currently have in my C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOC422

Thank you very much. That got me the latest file (2007-05-24 14:09:47) installed and working on both computers now. The updater now reports that I have the latest update installed. Fingers crossed for my next update attempt.

I was a little surprised that the old 2007-05-05 file was able to successfully overwrite my more recent definition file without warning that it was an outdated file, however in BOClean’s defence I did agree when prompted by Windows Explorer for the file replacement with another of the same name (not realising that it was an older file). Perhaps BOClean needs a little more self defence in this regard. There is of course an urgent need to have the latest update available at though.

Thanks again.

Dunno what’s going on since I don’t handle the server farm any longer, but apparently the website is pointing somewhere else other than where we keep the 4.22 updates. For those using our automatic or manual updater through the FTP site, no problems but by HTTP it appears to be pointing to a dead directory on some other machine.

So for those who still need to update via http, this link should do the trick:

i have not had any problems with updating BOC 4.22’s malware-databases… i have automatic updates disabled and usually run the updater, manually, from the menu that pops up when you rightclick on BOC’s icon in the systray, but i can also run the updater from the shortcut in “start”/all programs/BOC…

i thought that BOC’s malware-databases were no longer available for downloading (apart from running BOC’s updater), but i see that now we can download the files, if needed… at least, we can, if we have the links for doing it, which are posted in this thread… (i don’t know if the links for downloading BOC’s malware-databases are posted anywhere else)…

Once 4.24 is released and proven stable, we do intend to pull the plug on the 4.22 version and migrate all over to the new one. I’ve just been reluctant to do so owing to the problems with the 4.23 release. I’m not sure of what’s going to become of the http download once this occurs. For reasons unknown though, Comodo’s name server appears to be pointing at the wrong box and the hard IP address offered above is only a temporary solution until we can get the server issues resolved. It’ll likely be another IP entirely so don’t count on that address for very long.