Problem updating accounting software since 8.0 upgrade


I have problem when applying hotfixes for my accounting software (Maestro). The hotfix is not a Windows Installer package but a autoextractible package .mhf format.

With Comodo 8.0 temporary disabled, the problem is still there. Same thing with disabled HIPS and disabled Sandbox. With 7.0 version, I didn’t have this problem. For the moment, to apply hotfix for Maestro successfully, I close Comodo Antivirus from the taskbar and I kill in Windows task manager cavwp.exe and cmdagent.exe.

Problem when applying Maestro hotfix since Comodo 8.0 installation:

Thank you for your help.

Did you get get a popup asking if you wanted to trust the installer? Are popups enabled? What are the settings of your configuration? (Internet/Proactive/Firewall/HIPS/Sandbox/Viruscope/etc)


I don’t have popup asking if I want to trust the installer. I just installed the antivirus, not the firewall, not the Internet Security.

Real time scan: enabled
Scanning optimization: disabled

Excluded applications:
C:\Program Files\Maestro Technologies\Maestro\System\maestro.exe
C:\Program Files\Maestro Technologies\Maestro\System\maestroUpdater.exe
Excluded paths:
C:\Program Files\Maestro Technologies\Maestro\System*

HIPS: Not enabled

Auto-sandbox: disabled
Run virtually: disabled

Virtuscope: disabled

The hotfix rollbacks only on executable and DLL files extracted from the .mhf file. Is Comodo changing the date/time of the extracted files? Also, extracted files from the MHF files are uncompressed in temp folder, not directly in Maestro installation folder.

Hotfix is applying correctly when cmdagent.exe is killed.

Thanks for your help.

This problem could be related to this: (Reply #10)

Thank you.

I think you have found the source of my problem. I hope it will be corrected in an update.