Problem uninstalling program

Well i decided to try the product and its a good product just not for me so I uninstalled it but the toolbar was still there on my explorer tool evening though i uninstalled the program. I check the program files the file is no longer there i used a complete uninstaller to remove my unwanted programs. It removes the registery files /program files/ all trace of program aka. Total uninstaller SO i’m sure you can understand my concern as to why the toolbar is still there effecting my programs for launching firefox and ventrilo server I’m running windows XP pro. Please help if someone technical can tell me how to uninstall an already uninstalled program I would be most greatful. Also when i try and run the program installer it says comodo is already installed and do i want to uninstall it when i click yes to uninstall it nothing happens…PLEASE HELP!!!

It helps if you post this in the proper place like Comodo help. Also you dont say what product your trying to uninstall till the last sentence. See here and this will help.

warlock, if you refer to Comodo Firewall Pro, I believe the toolbar has its separate uninstaller. Check in Add/Remove programs.


Thank for you for your response whoever i’ve since reformatted and that took care of the problem that guys. (: :BNC

No one still knows what program or programs you referred to, but the issue is resolved. I guess ???

Glad to hear that! And…

…this is true!