Problem transferring files on hard drive

I’m having real trouble with CPF2.4. Whenever I install it, transferring files from one hard drive to another takes forever - an example being a 6GB folder. Without CPF installed, copying this folder/file takes roughly 5-6 minutes. As soon as I install CPF, it takes anything from 37-42 minutes!!

Strange thing is, CPF isn’t using up hardly any RAM, it’s not slowing down anything else on my system and transferring/copying files without it installed is ‘normal’ speed.

Any ideas?

I have two SATA drives - one with operating system, one with data and files. I’ve tried every other configuration - installing antivirus before CPF - installing everything else but CPF - and the transfer speeds are fine. The minute CPF installs, the slow transfers start.

Please help - it’s driving me mad!

Many thanks