Problem to reinstall CIS.

Dear friends,

I’m trying to reinstall the CIS and can not, the error 1638 and the notice to uninstall the antivirus, but it has been uninstalled (5.10) using the uninstaller including the CIS. Nothing appears in the Add / Remove Programs, and Regedit do not have any entry for CIS. I count on the help of colleagues. Thank you!

Hi mandhi,

before reinstalling CIS, run this special uninstaller tool to make sure there are no remnants of the previous installation :

Dear Boris 3

I did procerdimento that suggests to me (even in safe mode), but not solved. Thanks for the suggestion!

Did you ever ran an other antivirus on your computer? If yes, check that there are no remnants of it.

I will follow your suggestion, then put the result, probably next week, because I travel to work! Thank you. Hugs.

Dear friend Boris 3

I give up trying, I installed another AV and after the expiration date of the series, I’ll follow your advice. Thanks for your help and understanding! Excuse me a mistake due to the use of the translator. Big brotherly hug!

Dear Boris 3, and other colleagues

I decided to try again. Uninstalled the antivirus I was using, I ran the uninstaller COMODO current version in safe mode, clean temp files, did the clean with RegSeeker of all files pertaining to CIS, etc, etc … I tried reinstalling the CIS and appeared the same error (1638) and the warning to uninstall Comodo antivirus! Is there any other alternative to solve this problem? Hugs.

Hi mandhi,
Try downloading the CIS installer file again in case of corruption in the file.
Download CIS

Caution: IMO you should always make certain you have a restore point or back up in place before proceeding with MS Mr Fixit.
If all fails try the following.
Windows installer clean-up utility has been abandoned (Due to possible system damage) and replaced with Install and Uninstall troubleshooter

Dear captainsticks,

As soon as possible I will try this solution. Thank you! Hugs.

Dear Friends

All attempts were useless, I’ll just install CIS again when I format my computer! Thank you for your help! Hugs!

Sorry to hear that nothing has worked.
You can still download Windows installer clean-up utility from here but please if you decide to try it, remember that Microsoft has abandoned it due to possible issues caused by it.

Thank you for your support, captainsticks!

You are welcome, I wish you all the best. :slight_smile: