Problem starting up in windows domain


Recently I installed CPF in my machine on work, when I installed was under administrator user, when I logon wich my power user who has My documents redirect to a network share, the machine wait about 20 minutes to logon. If I logon as administrator, turn off network analisys ans try to log on again with my user all work fine.

I tried uninstall CPF and install again but doesnt work, but I install CPF on my co-worker machine, and in this machine all worksfine.

Any idea,


Mauricio Campos

Hi Maurico and welcome at the forums (:HUG)

Have you defined your trusted zone for your internal network?

I am seeing the same problem and I have defined my local network segment as trusted.

Obviously this is problem is a total showstopper for me.

Anyone else see this? Have a solution.

Does the log say anything? (activities/logs)

Do the Trusted Zone IP’s on the second machine match the Trusted Zone IP’s on your machine?

You might try adding 2 separate rules at the very top of your list(even before the All OUT rule) that specifically allow traffic to and from your PC Outbound and Inbound to and from your Trusted Zone? Allow All both ways.

This will force the log to show you what is going in and out just to the LAN and might help you narrow it down some.

jasper ???