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I would make some suggestions to comodo.


Because your product use Deny-based security, which means that the trust program would run without any limits.

But a virus is signed by its author himself, and your product gives it trust assessment???

I feel terrible if your product did not check the validity of digital signature…

The file is in attachments!

Password is infected

See attachment below


Product Version:

CIS does verify the entire certificate chain of a digital signature attached to a file. This one is not trusted and is not a trusted root CA, if it is trusted on your system it is because it was added to the local trusted root certificate authority store. Run a file rating scan to check for untrusted root certificates.

Valkyrie Verdict go to details tab and expand both items listed under certificate validation.


My PC does not contain any untrusted certificates, plus the rating is by Comodo trusted installer ( I manually remove the previous rating and test again, the reuslt is the same).

I check many times

The digital signature is invaild, but comodo trusts it

see the image in this post and above

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can you share the file with me please? If you want do that, please upload it to any filehoster and send me a PM! Thank you!


the file is in attachments.


Then I apologize, I have overlooked that! :wink: Anyway, thank you !!! :-TU

p.s. Could you please give me the password for the archive? It costs me really unnecessary time and effort to ■■■■■ it. ;D Thanks a lot!!!


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You are right, that the invalid certificate was not successfully recognized with a file rating scan. However, it is not true that the file is completely trustworthy and escapes any monitoring by comodo components. In this case, the file certificate plays no role in the evaluation of this file. The file is simply classified as a file without an existing certificate. So this is not a dangerous bug or something like this. I agreed with “Futuretech” that the file must be manually classified as safe. For me, the file was not automatically classified as trustworthy, but it is classified as unknown.


The file must be classified as malware, but the file must first be analyzed and provided with a signature. That will certainly happen soon as possible.

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You can try in RC version

I think it is PRODUCT BUG

see the pictures in 3rd floor, it shows Comodo automatically trust it.

I have seen that the first post has been edited several times, which is of course not bad. :-TU But the fact that your result was created with the RC version, would have been very useful at the beginning of this discussion. :wink: My tests were done with version So I can not make any valid statements regarding the RC version.

So it’s definitely not a serious or generall Bug that the Comodo users would have to worry about, but as you have correctly said, it is possibly a potential Bug in the RC version. It would be best if you would recite this concern again in the dedicated forum section. There you will surely meet open ears. :slight_smile:


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I point out the product version I used when I first post… no matter of later editions( it just shows more clearly)

RC would be soon deliveried to consumers, so users should have worried…

If it is really a BUG, it is actually very serious for deny-based product…

Whether that is true or not, I can`t retrace that anymore, but “Futurtech” also seemed to have been misdirected. However, your entirely legitimate objection was simply posted in the wrong part of the forum, which is not that bad, but can be very confusing. :wink: And if you say then "I feel terrible if your product did not check the validity of digital signature…"so that is simply not correct! This may apply to the RC version, but not to the CIS version currently used by 99.9998% of the users. Using betas can always be a bit risky, because they are known to contain some Bugs.

Thanks again for your information, but please refrain from double contributions in the future and please post your objections in the appropriate part of the forum, so there are less misunderstandings!!!

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OK, I will follow that … It is my fault, i am sorry…

But i want to know what cause the problem… I mean, your reply seems no explain the reason for this problem…

Could you install or just manually upgrade from 10 to 11 then try to run this file… to restore the conditions

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It is very noble from you, but there is no reason to apologize for anything. It´s all right! :-TU :slight_smile:

I ask you again to present your request in this part of the forum [b]>>>[/b]

The chief developer “Umesh” will get in touch with you as soon as possible and certainly will be very interested in your information. I am sure of that! :-TU :wink:

Thank you very much Sir!

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Thanks for replying

The problem solved, it is because of comodo’s trust mechanism

It is a Chinese forum. The reason is a little complex. If I have time, I would translate to English. You now can use translator…

Thanks again for your helps !

Nice to hear that! You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Yes if you have a trusted application that is set as the installer or updater HIPS ruleset, then that turns the application into a trusted/installer and all files created by it will automatically become trusted when you have trust files installed by trusted installers enabled under file rating settings.

Yeah… When you manually choose a program to be " installer or updater" in HIPS settings, you would get an warning like what you said. But if you choose it in an HIPS Alert, no any warning would pop up… I think this should be improved

I made this suggestion in :

But no one reply. Can you help me?