Problem - since @ friday


I hope you can possibly help me. I have been using “Comodo Firewall Pro” and “Defense+” for a while, and they have been very effective in helping me get rid of some very annoying ads I was experiencing. And easy to use…

However, since friday I have had to disable both or I couldn´t use either my e-mails or the internet since I wasn´t “given a correct ip-adress”. First I contacted my internet-provider, and the helpdesk there said that a lot of customers of theirs were experiencing problems like mine. Something to do with a Windows-update…and the guy at the helpdesk advised med to contact my firewall-supplier to hear what I can do…

Can anyone here help, because the ads are coming in again now, Poker and Airlines and…Even when my browser isn´t open. I want Comodo back!

Thanx in advance


Hi Jon & Welcome to the forums.

From what I can read, You were able to use your Emails with CFP 3 turned on before Friday, But Friday it all happened…

Have you installed any new software? Please also run a virus/spyware scan.

Thanx for the welcome!

No, no new software and according to my internet suppliers scanning program (Norman) no viruses.

So, it is not true it has anything to do with a Windows-update that “gives trouble to many clients with firewalls”?

Thanx in advance!


What OS are you running? I have done the latest Vista upgrades and have no problems on two different machines with firewalls. Good place to ask further would be at Broadband Reports, specifically, where there are resident Microsoft MVPs to help.