problem sharing files


I defined a trusted zone “prodigy” for my home network, and it has the interval to 70. It is also defined as a trusted network. I can see all computers in my network and access all shared folders. However, other PC’s can’t see my shared folders. I have winxp home, sp2, latest version of comodo, and norton (firewall also includes prodigy zone). Other PCs have win 98 and ME and can share files between them, but not with my PC… any suggestion?

What protocols are you running on the Win98 and ME boxes?

ewen :slight_smile:

OK, this is all what I found at network properties in win me/98:


*client: Client for MS networks: start session and restore network connections
*service: Share printers and files for MS networks: LM Ad:yes, main explore: enabled
*device: Infrared port for IBM
*device: Telephon access adapter
*device: xircom Ethernet Network
*protocol: IRDA for infrared port
*protocol: TCP/IP for telephon access adapter
*protocol: TCP/IP for xircom ethernet network

Main sesion starting: client for ms networks
printers and files sharing: allow file access, allow printing with my printers


PC Name: IBM (or toshiba, we have 2 troubling PCs)
Workgroup: Home (the right workgroup)

Access Control:

resorurces Access control

My home network has 4 PCs: 2 win XP, that don’t have any problem for sharing files and folders, 1 with ME and 1 with 98, that can see all the PCs in the network but can’t open shared folders in XP, just printers. I tried it also disabling comodo and norton firewalls but didn’t work, so I think the problem is windows…

Thanks for your help… (V)