Problem sending mail (Outlook Express)

Hello everybody.

New convert to Comodo AV. (firewall)

I user a Netgear Wired router on XP/Sp2.

I cannot send Emails with Outlook Express - UNLESS - I disable Outbound and Mass Mail er modules.

Its took me a few hours to figure this out and it seems that I will have to disable these 2 items whenever I need to send emails…

Am I missing something simple or may there be a bigger problem. ???

I would be grateful for any advice.

Hi Colaqm and welcome to the forums.
Will you try a cav uninstall , reboot and reinstall and post back if this helps?
Did your previous av completely uninstall? tim

Tim. sorry for delay in reponding, been awayfor a while…

I will reinstall as suggested and will advise.

Many thanks.