Problem Sending Mail in Outlook Express

I am unable to send mail in Outlook Express when Comodo Firewall Pro Version is running. Outlook Express attempts to send the email and then tells me “The connection to the server has failed. Account: ‘xxxxxxxxxxxx’, Server: ‘xxxxxxxxxx’, Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E.”

Once I turn off the firewall, I can send email from OE without any problems. I am running Windows XP Sevice Pack 2.

Anyone have any ideas on how to correct this problem?

Hi josh8dtb, welcome to the forums.

The 10060 error is a time-out. Basically Windows didn’t get the response it was expecting. So, CFP may have blocked something. Questions: Anything in CFPs Log (Activity tab) with the same timing? Have you ever been able to send emails with OE & CFP… or did this suddenly just break?

Thanks for the quick response. I have looked at the CFP Activity Log and nothing shows up around the time of my attempts to send emails. In fact, nothing has shown up in the log for the last two hours (although I havent been using the Internet during that time either).

I just installed CFP over the weekend, and have never been able to send email in my Outlook Express. I can still receive email in OE, but I cant send mail out of my two accounts set up in OE (one pop server account and a hotmail account).

OK. It is not CFPs default behavior to block things silently, although it can be set to do so. What is your Anti-Virus app?

I am running AVG Free Edition Version 7.5.488.

OK, I think it’s AVG. You’ll need to help me a bit here… since I’m not running 2.4 myself (running version 3). I think one of AVGs processes (obviously the email scanning component) needs to be set to “allow invisible connections” in CFPs Application Monitor. AVG is the only AV to get a mention in CFPs Help for this reason… check CFPs Help & find the AVG entry… I think it tells you what the AVG process is called & what needs to be set. Unless I’ve completely remembered the wrong AV (possible, it’s 04:17 here). :slight_smile:

In the past couple of days I’ve started also having problems with sending e-mails from Outlook Express. Before that there has been intermittent issues, usually around the timeframe of an update. I shut down my AntiVir and Spy Sweeper and Comodo then started reloading and it was Comodo that is causing the issue. I have OUtlook set as a trusted aplpication and it’s still occuring. Any ideas.