Problem seeing local network PC's

I am having a problem seeing the local network PC’s when Comodo is running. I tried to define a trusted network under tasks that includes to and I still have the problem. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? Not sure what I am doing wrong. Also, if I close the firewall and browse the PC’s, then restart Comodo, they are then available. But if I restart the PC, they are gone again until I do the procedure above.
Thanks in advance for any help.

When you defined the Trusted Network, it should have created two rules in your Network Monitor.

One will Allow IP Out from your computer (or Any) to the defined Network (whatever you named it).

The other will Allow IP In from the Network to your computer (or Any).

Do you have these rules (they should be at the top of the NetMon, Out first, then In).



I had the problem with the symptoms you describe. My 2 PC’s were not seeing each other (no file sharing) after rebooting but the disabling/re-enabling of CPF allowed them to establish file and print sharing.

Under Application Behavior Analysis do you have ‘Monitor other NDIS protocols than TCP/IP’ checked ? If so uncheck it and try rebooting the PC’s. This worked for me.

Caveat: this happened with CPF and I have not verified whether or not it’s still an issue with 2.4