Problem Sandbox and Virtual Kiosk

Hello fellow:

I commented that some time ago I’ve been having some problems with Virtual Kiosk and now also with the new role of full virtualization sandbox.
What happened to me is strange, I was trying to find the problem but I have not found why this happens. Step to tell …
Firewall was installed and working properly, when I run the Virtual Kiosk early applications are installed correctly, but after they appeared some drawbacks.
When trying to open the location of any file located on the desktop of Virtual Kiosk, does not open the browser directly does nothing. So it is with the shortcuts of the folders.

Reinstall the Firewall and went to use it the same way. At first walked in, but then without knowing why, began to do the same. When I leave the Kiosk, I test run in sandbox (full virtualization mode) to explorer.exe and does nothing (before ran).

Some fun facts:

  • Normally running if I’m not mistaken I were two explorer.exe and now it does not work, only one appears, the same thing happens with some other system processes.
  • Some applications when trying to install I get that I have sufficient administrative rights to make changes on your computer. This did not happen before.


In previous versions, the explorer I was consuming (in some cases) 50% of resources and could not close them. Is there any chance that this happens to me it is a bug in the Firewall?

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Basic SP1 x64
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core B950 2.1HZ
Memory: 4 GB
COMODO: v6.2.282872.2847

Topic Spanish:

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Please try resetting the sandbox and see if that helps.


Thanks for answering EricJH. I commented that I reset the sandbox I miss’ve even installed, cleaned the registry and reinstalled and the problem persisted.
Finally format the computer and the problem is not submitted yet. By the time all is well, if it happens again, I keep you posted. The only problem I’m having at the moment is with Opera, how indicated in this post;msg633883#msg633883; the firewall keeps sending me to the sandbox. I will add some details to the post to see if I can give help for Opera is no longer sent to sandbox.