Problem running the electronic version of the OED (Oxford English Dictionary)

Again, I have a problem running the electronic version of the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) concurrently with Comodo Firewall (4.1.150349.920) on my system (XP SP3).

The OED uses an anti-theft software called “CD-Cops”. Each time I launch the OED, “CD-Cops” is actually launched first and creates a temporary file with a different number to keep track of how many times I launch the dictionary before I have to reinsert the original installation CD-ROM into the drive. So these “.TMP” files all have different numbers and their extension is not “EXE”. But they behave as executables: they change local files, inject processes into memory, run other executables. They are all named in the same way, for example, “~crf2422.tmp”, but the actual number is different each time the dictionary is launched.

As things stand, Comodo Firewall simply will not allow these TEMP files to execute properly. I invariably get an error message saying “Fatal Error 1007” and the dictionary is never launched. I have tried to allow everything relating to the dictionary. I have tried to register the OED executables as trusted applications. To no avail. I would need to register the TEMP files as trusted “applications” but this is not possible. It would be possible if I could register TEMP files as executables, and if I could register them with a wild card pattern. Something like “~crf*.tmp”
I did this with the former versions of Comodo. It worked fine.
But it is no longer working.
The wild card patterns are no longer accepted. Or I did not see any way to add them.

Can you suggest a solution?

Thank you very much for any help.


Can you try this to see if this help? Check if this apllication is not listed in “My pending files”; if it is, then move it to the “My own safe files”. Then go to the “Computer Security Policy” and find this application; choose “Use a Predefined Policy” as “Installer or Updater”. This means that all files generated by this application will be considered safe.

Restart the application to see if it worked.


Comodo wild card rules are very strange.

Examples taken from standard defense+ protected registry paths:

\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar{}

I had a lot of trouble allowing modification of microsoft word 2000 doc files, denied by defense+, and it also needed some wildcard syntax given to me by a moderator, and of which i don’t remember.

It would be nice if Comodo people provided us some tutorial of their specific wildcard syntax.

Sad enough, and you wouldn’t cheat since you have a license, it would be much faster to decrypt the cd cops protection.

Ok, i didn’t say anything…

Hi Ovidiu,
This did the trick. The OED is now running normally on my system.
Thank you ever so much.