Problem running Sandbox with Comodo Firewall

I have been using Sanboxie for a few day. Works fine.
I just downloaded the latest version of Comodo Firewall.
I appears that Comodo does not allow the sanboxie to work.
When I try and open my Firefox browser that is sandboxed it says that the SBIE drivers are not available to sandBoxed programs.

What do I need to do to get my sanboxie program to work with Comodo Firewall?
I am not pc saavy so please elaborate on your answers and answer as if your are explaining to a pc novice.

I imagine I have to tweek Comodo firewall to allow sanboxie drivers to work or the sandbox program to work??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance.


If you add these four screenshot below in Defence+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy.
It should work fine.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’m running the same combination without a problem. No additional settings were necessary. Maybe a permission has been denied at sometime when it should have been allowed. Maybe a course would be to delete anything to do with Sandboxie in the options so that Comodo asks again.

I agree, i have no problem with Sandboxie 3.21 and CPF3

No problems here either.

I have Vista if that matters.
I haven’t disallowed anything or blocked anything. As soon as I download comodo …

this is the message I get…

“”“”“”“THe sandie boxed driver (SBIEDRV) is not available to sandbox programs.
Make sure both the driver and sandboxie service (SBIESVC) have started successfully.”“”“”“”

I added those 4 lines.
Still doesn’t work I still get the error message.

Try uninstalling Sandboxie, remove all your permissions for it in CPF3, reinstall it and reboot, and see if its ok then. Got to go to bed now… good luck ,i’ll see how its going tomorrow. good luck M8.

I uninstalled sandboxie.
I reinstalled it and it doesn’t run at all, no shortcut was created. I click on the windows start button and try and open sandboxie control and I get error messages.

I uninstall comodo and sanboxie works fine.


What have you got Defence+ set at have you ticked the box (Block all unknown requests if the application is closed)
Have you tried sanboxie with Defence+ disabled.

Edit What account are you running in Vista

Me too,no problems at all. I don’t have Vista though

What do you mean what account am I running in Vista? Account?
I tried disabling Defence, it didn’t work.

User account Standard or Administrator.
Did you have anything in the defence logs blocked.

Last night I uninstalled BOTH programs ONCE AGAIN.
I reinstalled Sandboxie. It worked fine once again.
Then I download Comodo. Sandboxie immediately stops working. The icon in the task bar just flashes witha question mark, I put my cursor on the icon and it says “Sanboxie Control-Initializing”
I didn’t do anything to anything I just download comodo and sanboxie WILL not work.
Sandboxie gives me the above error message that I posted in an above post when I click on my web browser that is sand boxed.

Are there any Comodo support people on this forum?
When I install Comodo and do the restart, it shuts down and gives me a blue screen with writing in white letters that I can’t read because it just flashed then it askes me if I want to restart my pc normally. I guess that is called a crash.
It does this a few times when I try and restart.

It appears the new comodo does not work well with Vista Pc’s and has bugs.

Dell Vostro 1500 laptop pc with Vista.

Well I guess if there isn’t a fix for this I will just uninstall Comodo and run sandboxie around my browser and windows firewall instead of comodo.
It seems to have alot of problems.
Definitely it has a conflict problem with sandboxie.
It has crashed my pc/blue screen every other time I come out of sleep mode and every time when I restart.
Too many bugs in the new version.
thanks for the help everyone.

I dont think it can be bugs when it runs without issue on most users pcs. I use sandboxie 3.22 with Xp Pro and CPF3 with no problems whatsoever. :wink: