Problem Running JkDefrag with CFP 3

Good Morning:
I’ve been using CFP 3 since it 1st came out. I’ve had a couple of issues that I’ve been able to resolve (by keeping tabs on this forum).

I do have a problem regarding using JkDefrag while CFW 3 is running. The problem is that if I have any files “needing my review” in CFW, JkDefrag will hang-up on the 1st occurrence of one of those files, and the computer completely locks up. However, if I make sure that there are NO files needing my review, the defrag process works perfectly. My concern is that I’ve set JkDefrag as a scheduled task and can’t always be there to ensure there are no files pending in CFP.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

The Pending Files list is a list of files that are run for the first time or have been created on your computer as a result of whatever work you do on the computer. If you are not working on it, there should be no new files added to it. Note however, that there are tmp files created by the action of some programs that could appear as a result of the action of updating, installations and deletions of backup or system restore files. The only foolproof way to avoid this is to disable CFP after disconnecting from the internet. This is inconvenient, so you might want to try letting it run after clearing the pending files list before letting the computer sit idle until the scheduled defrag. There may not be any activity that creates new additions to the Pending file list - but it depends on your system and software that may update itself at intervals.

Thanks! I’ve been doing what you’ve suggested when I first started noticing the system locking up on a particular file found on the “pending” list. I was looking for a way to possibly ensure that a scheduled process to defrag could have a higher probability of success in terms of completion.

Thanks again for your help.