Problem running Comodo firewall on startup

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I run Windows 7 64-bit (fully up-to-date) and recently my computer froze and I had to power it off and reboot since nothing was responding (ctrl alt delete was not working). Ever since my COMODO firewall hasn’t been loading automatically on startup anymore. I’m wondering if anyone can just provide instructions on how to enable COMODO firewall protection to automatically load everytime I start my computer. I tried searching through the firewall options and settings but didn’t find any solution. It always used to load automatically on startup prior to my PC freezing, so I’m assuming it is possible to make it work automatically again.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Launch TaskManager and look at the Processes.

Cmdagent should be launched and running when Windows starts running, and provides protection but NOT the Comodo icon.

After you login then CFP.exe should also be running, and this provides the icon and the ability to respond to events.

If CFP.exe fails to run then you have no icon, and you cannot decide Allow or Deny, but you are still protected by default deny.

My 4 month old Windows 7 Ultimate was trashed after only 1 month by an unannounced WGA update that was forced on me.
It is a fully legal licensed W7 that had already passed WGA validation,
and had the new WGA found cause it should have inconvenienced me,
but instead it totally froze all control about 1 minute after login.
Each time I had to disconnect the elecricity to shut down.

Normality resumed once I used the Macrium Rescue Boot CD to restore a Macrium image.
Do you not have some form of image creation/restoration built into your W7 ?

Alternatively you could have been hacked and trashed,
and malware could have already “phoned home” with information that could lead to theft of your identity and finances.

If identity and finance is important to you I suggest you seek a clean bill of health from a malware fighting forum.

If malware is found the easy computer fix is to wipe the drive and re-install,
but you might consider checking you bank/credit card accounts and changing their passwords.


Hello. Thank you very much for the reply, Alan. I do have a number of security programs including a few malware protection software programs (Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, AVG Free, Malwarebytes Anti-malware, SUPERantispyware, Symantec Endpoint Protection, etc…). I have been hacked before though years ago before I started taking computer security seriously, which is why I’m always a little paranoid whenever my PC acts strangely. The good news is I don’t keep any credit card or bank or other potentially harmful information stored on my PC.

Thanks especially for the information pertaining to COMODO firewall. I wasn’t sure which processes to look for in task manager, but now I do. I’ll check for it next time I reboot. On a side note, the cause of my PC problems are hopefully natural due to long-term use and constantly installing and uninstalling new programs (and drivers). I prefer to air on the side of caution though and account for any possibility. Thanks again.

PS. I have a tendency to type too much, so I shortened up my original post to enhance readability. I should be all set now though.

You are welcome

On a not unimportant side note. Which other security programs do you have running along with Comodo Firewall?