Problem renaming files after install

I use ACDSee to transfer .jpg images from my hard drive to a portable drive. ACDSee has a built in auto rename process if the file names are the same. After installing, when I try to move the files using ACDSee, that do require renaming, I get an error message that the file can’t be copied. If it doesn’t need to be renamed it moves it fine. This only occurs on files that need to be renamed to be moved and this process has worked fine until today when I updated your firewall. I’ve added ACDSee to trusted applications, even tried turning it off, but I still can’t do a rename process through the program.

Does the Defense+ log possibly show what is interacting with ACDSee when you try to rename a file. The devs would want to know that info also if something is showing up there so you might post that here too.


Try going to the Defense+ list of application rules and remove ACDSee from the list. You may have inadvertently generated a rule disallowing it, and this will let you generate a new rule. Happened to me on a copy from Explorer that got a block rule when I tried to cancel it.

The problem isn’t with the firewall, it’s being caused by defense+. If I permanetly disable it and reboot, the copy/rename process works fine. I did try removing it from trusted processes, but that didn’t work either. I then re-enabled it and edited the security policies for ACDSee under application system activity control/uses a custom policy/protection settings and granted permission to windows/winevent hooks. After that, it now copy/renames with no problem.