Problem removing items from Component monitor [resolved]

Hi there.

I like Comodo Firewall very much, but have now encountered one weird problem.

I needed to reinstall CPF, due to some other problems on my Win XP PC. After that, CPF started asking all kinds of questions regarding program components (this had not happened before). I learned that probably it was because the Component monitor was set to “Turn on” instead of “Learn mode”.

I continued answering various questions for a while and allowing or denying without really understanding what I was doing. That is why I decided to “start over” and clear all rules.

I selected all applications in the Application monitor and all components in the Component monitor and removed them. Things worked well with the application monitor, but not with the component monitor. Whenever I would clear all components (by selecting them and either pressing delete or selecting “remove”), they would disappear from the list but appear immediately after I would restart the computer or simply press “refresh” in the Component monitor! Is this really how the system should work? Is there any way to really start completely over?

Another question: I think that originally the component monitor was set to “learn mode”. Am I right that it is the default? If so, how has it gone to “turn on”? Automatically?

These are pretty critical questions, since I’m not sure at the moment whether CPF is functioning properly. Please assist!

Seems like a problem during the installation. Please uninstall CFW, reboot, install CFW again with the defaults settings and reboot. After that should work fine.

I had similar problems in removing entries from the Component Monitor lists: highlight one, use the remove function to delete; reboot, and it’s back. However, it was a case of “read the manual, stupid!” (meaning me, of course) and when I did that I found the solution: After removing the items I wanted to remove, it is necessary to click on Apply before closing the GUI. That’s it. Items go away and stay away properly and it is all documented in the CF Help file. Hope this helps!

To your other question, yes component monitor is on “learning” by default.

Thanks to all who responded, your replies were helpful! Indeed, I had not noticed that one has to press the “apply” button. Had read the manual, but somehow missed that point…

Problem solved anyway. (:CLP)

Great! ;D