Problem Reinstalling CIS

CIS wasn’t listed anywhere in my Control Panel. I’m really curious why the Comodo Program Uninstaller can’t find it if it’s supposed to be so good. Meantime, the only way I’m going to be able to get it off my machine is completely reformat my HDD. My other reasonable question is if Comodo caused this stinking problem why don’t they make GeekBuddy help me fix it. MAYBE if they manned up, and showed me just how good they are, I MIGHT buy the service. THAT’S what I call REAL Customer Service.

I hope you don’t mind. I split this from the original topic so I can more easily assist you.

Did you try running the uninstall programs in Safe Mode? If so what effect did this have?

With Geekbuddy you get a 60 day trial period. I believe you will have to provide your credit card information so you will have to make sure to cancel it in case you don’t want to use it after 30 days.

Uninstalling in with CIS installer in Safe Mode won’t work as it uses Windows Installer which unfortunately does not work in Safe Mode.

However you can use this cleanup script to get rid off CIS in case the uninstaller is not working. Best is to use it in Safe Mode. By the way this tool is from the Geekbuddies. Only use option 1 and 2. In Safe Mode option 1 should not be needed.

Yes, I DID just try uninstalling in Safe Mode. It’s nowhere to be found in ANY of my Uninstallers! ??? How can ANY freakin’ program be SOO FREAKIN’ hard to uninstall?

Hi UnkleBuck,
Any program can have a failed installs/uninstalls for numerous reasons and yes it is unfortunate when it happens.

Uninstall errors can make any program difficult to remove but not impossible.

What version of CIS have you had issues with?

Also have you tried reverting back to a system restore prior to having these issues?