Problem re-installing

Hope I’m asking in the right place…

I’ve been using Comodo firewall for about a year now and I love it. Last week I had to reformat my C: drive and ever since then Comodo has not been working properly…it was on my D: drive. So I uninstalled it and now when I go to reinstall it says I already have Comodo. It asks me if I want to uninstall it and when I say yes nothing happens. I’ve looked all over my computer for anything involving Comodo and I find nothing. I would really like to install this program again but it just will not let me. Any ideas?

Thats odd if you reformatted. Did you delete your old partition and do a complete reformat? If you did a complete reformat then there shouldn’t be any traces of Comodo at all. Do you have 2 hard drives or 1 with 2 partitions? Look here and download and run the batch file. Please post things in the help area first before making a bug thread.