Problem logging on

Um, don’t really know where to ask tis:

Yesterday afternoon and most of today, when I’ve logged on I’ve been ‘welcomed’ by name, but then all boards ask me to log on. If I do, I’m sent back to the main page.
Just got in by enabling cookies :o , so not too happy.
Has there been some change v. recently?



Admins/web team has recently been upgrading the forum, so that could be it as a few have noticed some strange quirks.


Thanks for moving this and sorry for chossing the wrong place. I was so relieved at ‘getting in’ that I posted before losing the chance.

I do hope that the problem is only temporary, as I hate having cookies on.


It’s no wonder you couldn’t locate this place because it’s obscure.

I don’t like cookies either, but I find them necessary for sites that require logins (and to speed up browsing a bit).