As I am new to this forum I have a question.
At the present time I am running, last night I attempted to down load the latest version, and failed. I tried 5 times to unzip the update and kept getting the same response which is, Error 0 Running Command./CFP-Patch
Any advise to this novice would be appreciated. (:AGY)

It is highly advised that you uninstall your current version, Reboot then download the full (latest) version, and it should run smoothly.


Hello Aussie Dave

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My guess is that you are running the XP or Vista 32 bit version rather than the 64 bit. I think that if you download this one you will have better success.

Check to see if you have the 32bit or 64 bit OS. Go to My Computer/system properties. If it does not say 64 bit then you have 32 bit.

Hope this works for you


Also follow Josh123’s instructions