problem installing

im trying to install cavs 2 on 1 of my pc’s that has win xp pro,cpf 3 and comodo boclean but when i install it and reboot it starts to boot into windows and then goes to a blue screen saying something about cavs i then boot into last known good configuration and i can boot into windows but a box pops up saying cavs on access scanner failed to load?any ideas ive tried to uninstall reinstall but still get same problem?

Hi hyatt69

I believe this might be a CFP 3 Alpha issue rather than a CAVS Beta issue… or maybe both. Other users have reported similar problems with CAVS/CFP when installing the latest CFP 3 Alpha ( here.

yup thats the problem these 2 together i guess ill just use another antivirus for now and try again on the next release,thanks kail